Mosquito Abatement


David Moreno
Vector Control Officer

Physical Address:
1888 B San Pasqual School Road
Winterhaven, CA 92283

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1899
Yuma, AZ 85366-1899

(760) 572-4075

(760) 572-2587


During the Mosquito Breeding Season, which is typically from March until roughly mid October, we will go and spray or fog Mosquito Insecticide to kill mosquitoes around homes and worksites on the Ft. Yuma Indian Reservation. We use a fogging machine that is on the back of our work truck and spray in the evening time around 7pm to 10pm depending on the wind speed. We also set a trap out across the reservation to see how many mosquitoes we will get in the trap and have it tested for diseases such as, West Nile Virus, Dengue, St. Louis Encephalitis and Zika Virus. 

Checking areas for standing water is also important to try and find any mosquito larva present. If we find any we will treat the area and monitor it for a few days till everything is dead. We also clear out brush from areas that we need to get into for fogging or that are our problem areas. 

Another job duty we assist in are calls about bees around homes. We will go and check the area and see what we are going to need to spray the bees. We mainly spray for bees in the evenings when they’re not as active. If done in the daytime when they are warm and active they may get too aggressive and sting everyone in sight.

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