The Quechan Tribal Council invites you to a COMMUNITY MEETING on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm at the Quechan Paradise Event Center located at 450 Quechan Dr. Yuma, AZ 85364.

The purpose of this Community Meeting is for the Quechan Tribal Council to hear the Community’s concerns & questions regarding the proposal of a Secretarial Election filed with The Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Attendance of Tribal Membership & the Petitioning Party are highly recommended, so that all perspectives can be presented, discussed and addressed.

For Information Contact: Tribal Secretary (928) 920-9553.

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The EDA Office has seen grease dumped around several Tribal buildings where vendors are allowed.

This is an ongoing issue we’re trying to stop from happening. It’s bad for business and our community’s health.

Continued grease dumping will result in a “no frybread vending” restriction in those areas.

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We are asking for a commitment from our young men and adult men who would like to learn Quechan Songs and Quechan Language.

Our Quechan language and songs are dying. It is important to keep our traditions alive.

We meet every Wednesday at 6:00pm to 8pm at the Turquoise Community Center.         

Our goal is to to gain a deeper understanding of the role of music within the Quechan culture and to learn and teach pronunciation of the Quechan language.

Our traditional songs play an integral role in the life of the Quechan culture.

The emphasis is to keep our Quechan way of life - Ah Mut Pi Pah Foundation.

For more information please call Preston Arrow Weed or Faron Owl

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