Historic Preservation Office


H. Jill McCormick M.A.
Historic Preservation Officer

Physical Address:
350 Picacho Road
Winterhaven, CA 92283

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1899
Yuma, AZ 85366-1899

(760) 572-2423
Cell Number:
(928) 261-0254



Mission Statement
The mission of the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) is to ensure the continuance of the cultural heritage and historical values of the Quechan people for current and future generations through the preservation of material remains and cultural ways within their traditional lands.

Historic Preservation Officer Duties and Responsibilities
The Historic Preservation Officer (HPO) works as a liaison between state, and federal agencies and the tribe to address issues involving the preservation of Quechan cultural materials and landscapes. The scope of these duties includes, but is not limited to, reviewing cultural resource reports, National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documents. These duties also include coordination of consultation efforts with various other tribes in support of tribal consortiums. The HPO works with the Quechan Cultural Committee directly in the commission of these duties. Within these duties, the HPO must be knowledgeable of all state, local, and federal laws dealing with National Historic Preservation and Section 106 Compliance, NEPA, CEQA, and be knowledgeable of Native American cultural traditions, material culture, and social customs.

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