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Individual and Family COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Program

This Assistance Program has been developed and is intended for individuals and families seeking emergency assistance through the Quechan Tribe’s Individual and Family COVID-19 Assistance Program. The program is offered to provide assistance for individual and families that have been impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The maximum amount of assistance that may be received through this program is $2,135.99 for any Quechan Tribe enrolled member 18 years of age and over, due to the unforeseen impact of the COVID-19 public health emergency. The purpose of the application is to document, assess and determine the need of financial assistance for each applicant in response to the unforeseen economic impact incurred by every enrolled member of The Quechan Tribe; as in accordance of the CARES Act guideline(s) requiring an assessment of an individual’s impact of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

The application will also serve as an assessment for the Tribal Administration to identify the needs within the tribal community, by signing the application you are giving the Tribal Administration permission to use any information from the applications in any Tribal Department(s) that may benefit from the assessment to better serve the community. Please be aware any information provided and shared will be confidential, and will not be shared to the public.

Please complete the following application, and please provide any documentation that supports your claims and submit to The Quechan Tribal Administration by October 1, 2020, no exceptions. Any persons not 18 years of age by the deadline date will not be eligible to apply for the assistance, no exceptions.


  • Enrolled member of The Quechan Indian Tribe
  • Quechan enrolled member living on or off the Ft. Yuma Indian Reservation
  • Quechan enrolled member is 18 years or older as of the date of application submission
  • Quechan enrolled member understands the assistance program is for economic hardships as related to the COVID-19 public health emergency
  • Quechan enrolled member allows The Quechan Tribe to retain any documentation provided and will comply if any additional information is requested by The Quechan Indian Tribe for compliance purposes relating to The U.S. Treasury’s guidelines of CARES Act funding.

Applications will be available on the Quechan Tribe’s website (, printed copies will be available outside of the Quechan Tribal Administration building in the kiosk, if you need a copy of the application mailed to you or for general information about the Program, please contact:

Jerilyn Swift Arrow – Relief Assistance Program Manager by:

Phone: (928) 919-3031

To Submit an Application:

Mail:   Quechan Indian Tribe
ATTN: Relief Program
P.O. Box 1899, Yuma, AZ 85366

Please note: To ensure you receive the Assistance check, we are urging you to update your information with your local postal service. We have been informed the U.S. Postal Service will not place any check(s) in a P.O. Box if you are not listed on the box holder(s) account. A check will be delivered to a residential mailbox, even if you are not listed as a Resident of the home. The Quechan Tribe will not be responsible for incorrect mailing addresses; checks will not be available for pick up, no exceptions.

Fax: (760) 572-2102 ATTN: Relief Program


Drop Off: A drop off box will be available and clearly labeled outside of the Quechan Tribal Administration building.

The Quechan Tribal Council thanks you for your cooperation in this matter during this difficult time; we will get through this together.

Stay safe and be well,

Quechan Tribal Council & Tribal Administration

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