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Hurricane Hillary Update

Hurricane Hilary is rapidly intensifying in the Pacific Ocean southwest of Mexico on Thursday and is on track to deliver potentially significant rain and flooding to parts of the Southwest as a weaker system starting this weekend. 

Hilary's rainfall could arrive as early as Saturday in parts of the Southwest, with the worst of its impacts set to arrive in California early Monday.

Significant flood potential

Hilary is expected to weaken significantly before it reaches Southern California and parts of the Southwest, but there's an increasing chance of significant impacts to these areas in the form of heavy rain and flooding.

If flooding occurs, stay in your residence as roadways will most likely be
impassable. Your area has a designated department assigned to check on your wellbeing.


EMERGENCY TEXT ALERT SYSTEM: This system is designed to keep our membership informed of any pertinent information.  If you have not signed up for these alerts yet, please follow the steps below to receive updates.

  1. On your cell phone, open your text feature.
  2. Enter 444222 as the number you are going to text
  3. In the message portion enter QUECHAN
  4. Hit Send, you are now enrolled to receive alerts from the Quechan Indian Tribe

Power Outages

In case of power outage, please stay in your home as poles and powerlines may be downed then follow the steps listed below.

  1. Notify Imperial Irrigation District Directly at (800) 303-7756 to advise them of your power outage. This will increase IID's ability to locate affected outage areas and address the issue as soon as possible.
  2. Remain in your residence until it is deemed safe by IID. You will be notified when it is safe to evacuate by a IID or a member of the Quechan Safety Team.
  3. If you should choose to remain in your home after you have been notified to evacuate. You are recommended to call Dennis Boone at (928) 919-0582 to request that your residence be placed on the roster for daily welfare checks and the delivery of food, water and ice to assist with the exposure to the extreme elements.

Emergency Power Outage Shelters

In the event of mass prolonged power outage or flooding, the Quechan Tribal Administration has approved several options for member temporary relocation.

Location: PARADISE EVENT CENTER - 450 Picacho Drive, Winterhaven, CA 92283.  This will be designated as the main shelter for all members without power.

NOTE: Prolonged is defined as any time that exceeds 4 hours for Elders, persons in need of constant medical attention and children under the age of 6 years old.  For persons not in those 3 categories, Prolonged is defined as any time exceeding 12 hours.  Requests for temporary housing outside the listed parameters will be decided on a casy-by-case basis and availability.

Hotels: Elders, Medical Conditions and Children under 6 years old

Contact: Sophia Perez (928) 919-6791

The locations will be authorized and assigned only for the duration of the declared emergency. All members using these locations for temporary housing will return to their record of residence as soon as reasonably possible following the conclusion of the emergency.

As Hurricane Hillary approaches the Quechan Indian Tribe is prepared to respond to our community. During this time, we are asking all membership to be patient and good relatives to one another by checking on family members, elders and neighbors. Charge your devices and do your best to remain in contact.

Contact information in case of emergency

General Emergencies - 911
Quechan Police Dispatch - (760) 572-2933
Power outage - IID (800) 303-7756
Quechan Emergency Management - Dennis Boone (928) 919-0582
Residential Road Access Issues - Jeremy Douglas (928) 920-4238

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