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COVID-19 Relief Assistance Program Update

The Quechan COVID-19 Relief Assistance Program has been working diligently to provide an immediate release of financial assistance to our Tribal members. We have received applications from four sources that are reviewed for name changes, address changes, and enrollment verification. We are also recording the needs of members to identify and later forward to our Tribal Council the most impact the virus has had on our members. We are also documenting the most important needs of our Tribal community as we will continue to experience the virus’s effects on our daily lives.  There are approximately 2,800 adult Tribal members who will be submitting applications. We thank each of you for your patience during this process.

The Tribe must adhere to certain guidelines and requirements in order to be in compliance with the COVID-19 Relief Assistance funding and must be prepared should an audit be conducted on how the funds were dispersed among the Tribal membership. If the guidelines and requirements are not followed, the Tribe will be responsible for repaying the funds.

We have added three sources of communication to our program to provide you with better assistance.  You may now call (760) 572-0122 or (760) 572-0123.  An additional fax line is now available. It is (760) 572-0124.

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