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YCAT Trip Planner

Quickly find your way with ‘s YCAT's Trip Planner!

Go to and look for the Trip Planner.

Find your way with a few easy steps;

First, click on the box next to the “A” & type in current location.

Next, click on the box by the “B” box & type the destination of where you want to go. Such as a city, place name or cross street.

Next, click on the box below the “B” to select “Leave” or “Arrive”. For example, use “Arrive” to get the movie theater in time to buy popcorn & get a great seat.

Now, click on the box with the date and type in the date. The current date will appear by default.

Click on the time box and type in the time you to “Leave” or “Arrive.”

In the “Prefer” box, select “best route”.

After all boxes are filled in, click on the “Get Directions” box.

Lastly, a map will appear with directions, time of routes, bus stop #’s along with the cost.

For more information please contact YCAT at (928) 783-2234 or Veronica Menta at EDA (760) 572-5270.

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