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Spirit Mountain Roasting Company Honored

Congratulations to Quechan Indian Tribe Economic Development Administration's VME client, Tudor Montague (Founder & Head Roaster) of Spirit Mountain Roasting Company, for being awarded the prestigious 2023 San Diego & Imperial SBDC Network Rural Small Business of the Year!

Tudor Montague's dedication and hard work have paid off, and we couldn't be prouder of him for achieving this remarkable accomplishment. The San Diego & Imperial SBDC Network Rural Small Business of the Year award is a prestigious recognition that honors entrepreneurs who demonstrate outstanding business acumen and exemplary community involvement.

Tudor is a proud member of the Quechan Indian Tribe. Tudor's commitment to quality and sustainability has earned him the respect and admiration of customers and peers. The company's award-winning products and service have put it on the map, and we are thrilled to see Tudor receive this well-deserved recognition.

As Tudor continues to build on his success, we look forward to hearing more exciting news about the Spirit Mountain Roasting Company. We are confident that Tudor and his team will continue to innovate and excel in the years ahead.

Once again, congratulations to Tudor Montague and the Spirit Mountain Roasting Company on this outstanding achievement. Click here to watch his brief video on accepting this prestigious award.

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