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Red Cross Mobile Apps

Help is in your hand with the Red Cross Mobile Apps.

  • First Aid App: Put expert advice for everyday emergencies in the palm of your hand.  Get instant access to first aid information for the most common emergencies.
  • Earthquake App: Get notifications when an earthquake occurs, review how to keep you and your family safe, even if the power is out.
  • Wildfire App: Track the path of wildfires, get notifications on what to do during a wildfire and stay safe with tools such as a strobe light, flashlight and audible alarm.

 Finish with Red Cross Mobile Apps.  Apps available on first aid, earthquake, wildfire, hurricane, tornado, pets, CPR and more.

Get instant access to expert advice for common first aid events and other emergencies.  With Red Cross Mobile Apps-help is in your hand.  Text "APPS" to 90999 or download in Apple iTunes or on Google Play.

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