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Prevention Actions to Use at All COVID-19 Community Levels

In addition to basic health and hygiene practices, like handwashing, CDC recommends some prevention actions at all COVID-19 Community Levels, which include:

Put together your COVID-19 plan so you have all the information you need on hand if you get sick with COVID-19.

Start your personal COVID-19 plan
Talk with your healthcare provider about whether you are at high risk of getting very sick from COVID-19.

  • People who are more likely to get very sick include older adults (ages 50 years or more, with risk increasing with age), people who are unvaccinated, and people with certain medical conditions, such as chronic lung disease, heart disease, or a weakened immune system.

Understanding risk

  • People with risk factors for severe disease may benefit from treatment if they get COVID-19. A healthcare provider will help decide which treatment, if any, is right for you.

Have a supply of COVID-19 self-test kits at home and know when and how to use them.

  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, test immediately.
  • If you test positive, treatments are available that can reduce your chances of hospitalization and death.

Have a plan to contact a healthcare provider right away if you test positive.

  • Don’t delay: Treatment must be started within days after you first develop symptoms to be effective.

Healthcare provider
If you don't have a healthcare provider, consider telehealth options or contact a Test to Treat site to get tested, evaluated, and treated in one location.

Take precautions
COVID-19 in your Community: Keep track of your COVID-19 Community Level and use it to guide your precautions:

Stay up to date on vaccines. Know when to get a booster:

Spend time outside and improve indoor air quality at home by opening windows and using adequate filtration.

Masks are recommended for those at high risk when COVID-19 community levels are medium and for everyone when levels are high. Learn more:





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