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Pesticide Toxicity: Signal Words

The signal word warns you about a product's short term toxicity before its diluted.  It tells you the pesticide's ability to harm human health.  Pesticide labels use thee signal words: CAUTION, WARNING, or DANGER.  If you are searching for less toxic pesticides, look for CAUTION on the label.

Always read and follow all label directions.  EPA requires signal words be printed on the front of labels in capital letters.  Signal words refer to the entire product, not just the pest-controlling active ingredients.

Pesticides can poison you if you eat them, breathe them in , or get them on our skin and eyes.  Even products that are less toxic, natural, or organic can be hazardous.  It depends on how much and where someone is exposed.

Canfind the signal workd or have other question about health and safety?  Call NPIC at (800) 858-7378 from 8:00 am to 12:000 pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

To report a pesticide incident please contact the Quechan Pesticide Enforcement and Control office at (760) 572-0771 or email at  Please ensure to leave contact infomation such as: Name, Phone number and Address.

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