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Second Phase Of The Individual And Family COVID-19 Assistance Program

Due to the current rise of positive COVID cases in our surrounding areas and the Unites States, the Quechan Tribal Council has decided to provide an additional assistance in the amount of $500.00; through a second phase of the Individual and Family COVID-19 Assistance Program. These funds are intended to provide Tribal Members with support to replenish and stock up personal protective items such as masks, gloves, disinfectants, sanitizer and personal hygiene products during the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency.

(1) IF YOU DID APPLY AND RECEIVE funding from the 1st phase of the Individual and Family COVID-19 Assistance Program, that ended October 30, 2020:
You are NOT required to complete an additional application. A check will be automatically generated and mailed to the address on the application previously submitted to the COVID Relief Program office. You can contact the COVID Relief Program at (760) 572-0122 or (760) 572-0123 to verify or update your address.

2) IF YOU DID NOT APPLY for the 1st phase of the "Individual and Family COVID-19 Assistance Program" that ended October 30, 2020; but would like to participate in this phase:
You are required to complete an application and submit to the COVID Relief office by: December 10, 2020 and will only be eligible for the 2nd phase amount of $500.00.

Applications are available at and outside of the Tribal Administration Office. For all other inquires please call the COVID Relief Program at (760) 572-0122 or email 

The Quechan Tribal Council and the Emergency Management Team are committed to the health and well­-being of our Tribal members and will continue to monitor the constant change of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember to continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, sanitize frequently and wear a mask, together we can slow the spread of COVID-19.

Stay safe and be well,
Quechan Tribal Council

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