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Public Notice - 2018 General Election Ballots

The Quechan Election Board is posting this memo to inform you about the printing malfunction on our 2018 General Election Ballots.

Here are the following misprints:

     • First misprint the name of Candidate for Tribal Council (Aaron W. Brown) The Misprint was
       "Aaron W. Brown"
The Board will accept all votes for this Misprint for (Aaron Brown)

     • Second misprint The Name of a Candidate was not printed on first 100 Absentee Ballots,
       Correction was made immediately.

The General Election will proceed as followed Monday December 3, 2018 As Per Constitution ARTICLE III-ORGANIZATION OF COUNCIL Section 2. (a)

Election for Tribal Council membership shall be held on the first Monday of December of each even numbered year.

Thank you for your corporation and sorry for any inconvenience!

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