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In Preparation For The Rainstorm

Sandbags are available at Quechan Housing, and at the Imperial County Fire Station located at 518 Railroad Avenue in Winterhaven, CA.

If you have experienced large fallen debris or witness debris please call the Quechan Police Department dispatch to report the location and they will inform the proper agency.

Power Outages due to lightning, causing structural damage or blown transformers are to call IID directly to schedule a repair. The Paradise Event Center will be opened immediately once an area loses power.

Once it is determined the loss of power will be for an extended amount of time, hotel stays will be for elders, handicapped and those with special medical needs.

If you are a Housing Resident, Housing will assist you with a room. 

Call the Quechan Police Department Dispatch to get updated information. They will be given all new developments on the storm.

*************************Seniors and Elders*************************
The Senior Nutrition Center will be open for those Seniors/Elders that do not wish to go to the Paradise Event Center, they will have food available.

******** ***************:*********:******************************
Below is a list of contacts if you have any questions. Thank you.
Quechan Police Department Dispatch (928) 941-7538
Virgil S. Smith, Vice-President (928) 750-1915
Kirk Nerva, Chief of Police QPD (928) 246-4274
Robyn Waco, TERO/Emergency (928) 9194721
Cliff O' Neal, Housing Director (760) 623-3797
Jeremy Douglas, Public Works Director (928) 920-4238
Brycea Parker, Senior Nutrition (928) 919-1131
Imperial County Fire (442) 265-0177

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